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Section 11 Audit


 Section 11 Audit

The self assessment Section 11 Audit Tool is designed to help organisations assess where they need to improve their safeguarding arrangements, or standards, and to ensure the work they undertake with children and young people up to the age of 18 is:

  • As safe as possible

  • Compliant with legislation.

The assessment is relevant both to organisations who work specifically with children and young people and to those who may come in to contact with them as part of their wider activities. The degree of compliance required with each standard will depend on the role and function of individual agencies.


Swindon Local Safeguarding Children Boards' audit sets a minimum level of safeguarding standards that an organisation needs to have in place to work safely, and these should complement and underpin, rather than replace, other standards or procedures.


The standards within the assessment are taken from the ‘Statutory guidance on making arrangements to safeguard and promote the welfare of children under section 11 of The Children Act 2004’

For the Section 11 audit template and guidance please contact us at:

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