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AlexWaltersLSCBConference2016 (PPT)

Size: 195 KB

AllegationManagementLeafletSeptember2018 (PDF)

Size: 290.23 KB

AllegationManagementGuidanceSeptember2018 (PDF)

Size: 382.69 KB

CDRProcessGuidanceMay12 (DOC)

Size: 69.5 KB

AllegationManagementFlowchartSeptember2018 (PDF)

Size: 153.98 KB

AlexWaltersOpeningLSCBConference2017 (PPT)

Size: 227 KB

Agendaitem5OfstedLetterFocusedVisitofSwindonChildrensServices (PDF)

Size: 235.46 KB

ChildCriminalExploitation (PDF)

Size: 344.25 KB

CareofGirlsandWomenLivingwithFGMWHOHandbook (PDF)

Size: 6.24 MB

comments and complaints (PDF)

Size: 1.28 MB

ChildSexualExploitation (PDF)

Size: 352.83 KB

ChildDeathschilddeathflowchartinitialresponse711 (PDF)

Size: 24.33 KB

ConferenceandCoreGroups (PDF)

Size: 331.09 KB

CMEPolicyApril 2017 (SBC Education Welfare Service) (PDF)

Size: 301.18 KB

CoventrySafeguardingChildrenBoardSeriousCaseReviewReDanielPelka (DOC)

Size: 35 KB

contact list (PDF)

Size: 161.22 KB

CSEUnderageSexualActivityBriefing (DOCX)

Size: 64.95 KB

CSEandYoungPeoplewithLearningDisabilitiesLSCB (PDF)

Size: 80.37 KB

CSEBriefing2017 (PDF)

Size: 236.09 KB

Disabled Children - Additional CP Info (DOCX)

Size: 42.44 KB

CSEWorkshopWhatisconsent (PDF)

Size: 252.5 KB

Disabled Children and Young People Intimate Care Guidance March 2014 (PDF)

Size: 301.12 KB

CSEUnderageSexualActivityBriefingNovember2016 (DOCX)

Size: 39.53 KB

DisabledChildrenBriefingLCRNJuly18 (PDF)

Size: 317.41 KB

DomesticAbuseAdviceandInformationContactNumbersJune2018 (PDF)

Size: 138.92 KB

DomesticAbuse (PDF)

Size: 338.9 KB

EarlyHelpRecordandPlan (PDF)

Size: 310.36 KB

EarlyHelpActionPlansandWorkingonOutcomes (PDF)

Size: 303.38 KB

EmotionalAbuseRecognisingandRespondingto) (PDF)

Size: 333.56 KB

CSENotJustforGirlsLookingatBoysandLGBTandYoungPeopleLSCB (PDF)

Size: 229.98 KB

CSEAppropriateLanguage270917 (DOCX)

Size: 31.11 KB

EvidencingNeglectSeminar (PPTX)

Size: 689.26 KB

EarlyHelpRecordandPlanforChildminders (PDF)

Size: 307.93 KB

EYSafeguardingTraininglevelsJan17 (DOC)

Size: 38.5 KB

EscalatingConcerns (PDF)

Size: 335.33 KB


Size: 92.09 KB

EarlyHelpRoleoftheLeadProfessionalandChair (PDF)

Size: 319.5 KB

FGMMultiAgencyGuidanceNovember2017 (PDF)

Size: 470.09 KB

Forced Marriage policy and procedures 2015 (DOC)

Size: 197 KB

ExploitationInitialScreeningToolJune2017 (DOC)

Size: 63.5 KB

Guidance for Safer Working Practice for Adults - Education version updated Sept 13 (PDF)

Size: 456.38 KB

GuidetoPrivateFosteringParents (PDF)

Size: 254.75 KB

guide to being in care (PDF)

Size: 3.46 MB

GuidetoPrivateFosteringYoungPeople (PDF)

Size: 277.68 KB

GuidetoPrivateFosteringProfessionals (PDF)

Size: 261.51 KB

HumanTraffickingandModernSlavery (PDF)

Size: 337.31 KB

HBVFMFGMtrainingFeb2018 (PDF)

Size: 129.5 KB

Informationsharingadvicesafeguardingpractitioners (PDF)

Size: 266.69 KB

FeliciaWoodSwindonLSCBOct2016 (PPTX)

Size: 1.67 MB

Guidance for Safer Working Practice for Adults - updated Sept 13 (PDF)

Size: 509.57 KB

KeepingSafeOnlineandCyberExploitation (PDF)

Size: 347.61 KB

InformationSharingAdviceforPractitioners2018 (PDF)

Size: 271 KB

LCRALearningLeafletMay2018 (PDF)

Size: 224.25 KB

LearningfromSCRandLCRSeminar (PPT)

Size: 692 KB

LADOReferralFormOct2018 (DOCX)

Size: 86.89 KB

Example Child Protection Policy for Community Organisations (2016) (PDF)

Size: 399.35 KB

LearningfromSCRsHelenDavies (PPTX)

Size: 77.55 KB

LearningLeafletSCRSandDMay2018 (PDF)

Size: 294.96 KB

LaymemberadvertisementNovember2017 (DOC)

Size: 83.5 KB

Level 1ChildProtection (PDF)

Size: 346.12 KB

LettertoPartnersLSCBThresholdsGuidanceAWalters020718 (PDF)

Size: 233.87 KB

LettertoPartnersLSCBThresholdsResponseFormJuly2018 (DOCX)

Size: 19.79 KB

Level3ChildProtection (PDF)

Size: 341.43 KB

Level2+ChildProtectionRefresherforChildminders (PDF)

Size: 336.84 KB

Level2PlusChildProtectionforChildminders (PDF)

Size: 332.56 KB

LearningfromSeriousCaseReview (PDF)

Size: 344.09 KB

LSCBAnnualReport2014 -2015FINAL (PDF)

Size: 2.74 MB

Level2ChildProtection (PDF)

Size: 354.41 KB

LSCBAnnualReport2016-17 (PDF)

Size: 1.67 MB

LSCBAnnualReport2015-16 (PDF)

Size: 1.73 MB

LSCBBoardMinutes180918WebVersion (PDF)

Size: 436.6 KB

LSCBAnnualConference (PDF)

Size: 213.45 KB

LSCBBusinessPlan2018-19 (PDF)

Size: 336.51 KB

LSCB Escalation Policy_final version July2016 (DOCX)

Size: 44.56 KB

LSCBCSEHandbook2018 (PDF)

Size: 2.51 MB

LSCBStructureandMembership2018-19 (DOCX)

Size: 62.03 KB

LSCBConstitution2013-14final (PDF)

Size: 439.94 KB

LSCBPrivacyNoticePolicyTrainingV1062018 (PDF)

Size: 232.21 KB

LSCBCoreTrainingPathway (PDF)

Size: 496.97 KB

LSCBTrainingBrochure2018-19 (PDF)

Size: 1.49 MB

LSCBFGMPresentationJune2015 (PPT)

Size: 576.5 KB

May2018LearningLeafletSCRSandD (PDF)

Size: 294.96 KB

ManagingAllegations (PDF)

Size: 343.33 KB

Media policy (PDF)

Size: 433.97 KB

MissingChildren (PDF)

Size: 340.99 KB

LSCBLearningImprovementFramework (DOC)

Size: 100 KB

My review primary (PDF)

Size: 2.36 MB

My review secondary (PDF)

Size: 1.31 MB

LSCBTrainingStrategy2018-19 (PDF)

Size: 479.52 KB

MultiagencyContributionFormJan17 (DOCX)

Size: 164.05 KB

NeglectFrameworkLSCBGuidanceJuly2016 (PDF)

Size: 1.02 MB

NEWLSCBChildExploitationCourses (PDF)

Size: 221.15 KB

NEWLSCBLevel4ChildProtectionCourses (PDF)

Size: 213.08 KB


Size: 1.3 MB

ParentalMentalHealth (PDF)

Size: 345.5 KB

PolicyforBruisinginnon-mobilebabies (DOC)

Size: 169.5 KB

MARPOperatingProtocolandTORFinalJune2016 (PDF)

Size: 578.67 KB

Professionals Meetings Guidance (PDF)

Size: 215.95 KB

neglect_matters_guide_wdf75457 (PDF)

Size: 2.98 MB

ParentalSubstanceMisuse (PDF)

Size: 330.34 KB

NeglectWorkingwith (PDF)

Size: 337.94 KB

RF1October2018 (DOCX)

Size: 84.53 KB

Safeguarding Discharge Planning Protocol (March 2017) (PDF)

Size: 219.75 KB

ReturnInterviewForm (DOC)

Size: 64 KB

pre planning (PDF)

Size: 2.17 MB

ReferralpathwayforSwindonAgenciestorefertoSWAJuly2013 (PDF)

Size: 199.89 KB

SaferRecruitment (PDF)

Size: 328.93 KB

SaferRecruitmentUpdate (PDF)

Size: 341.22 KB

SafeguardingDisabledChildren (PDF)

Size: 339.07 KB

Radicalisation (PDF)

Size: 344.72 KB

SBCSpottingtheSignsSexualHealthToolkitGuidanceAugust2015FINAL (PDF)

Size: 121.68 KB

SAM_parents_leaflet (PDF)

Size: 249.73 KB

SBCSpottingtheSignsSHAssessmentToolAugustFINAL (PDF)

Size: 417.89 KB


Size: 56.5 KB

SCRLeafletforFamilies (DOC)

Size: 47.5 KB

SafeguardingSupervisionandManagementOversight (PDF)

Size: 336.4 KB

SCRLearningLeafletJuly2018 (PDF)

Size: 311.72 KB

See the Adult Practice Guidelines (v10 Jan 2018) (PDF)

Size: 724.03 KB

SexualAbuseRecognisingandRespondingto (PDF)

Size: 328.8 KB

SCRbriefingNeglectMarch16 (PDF)

Size: 231.36 KB

SAM_understanding_the_child_protection_process_for_parents (PDF)

Size: 489.99 KB

Supervision Principles (PDF)

Size: 185.48 KB

SAM_leaflet (PDF)

Size: 908.13 KB

SWAReferralLetterAugust13 (DOCX)

Size: 62.61 KB

SusannahBowyerSwindonLSCBOct2016 (PPTX)

Size: 2.2 MB

SexualAbuseBriefingLCRNJuly2018 (PDF)

Size: 335.28 KB

Swindon and Wiltshire Missing Protocol (September 2017) (PDF)

Size: 560.08 KB

SwindonandWiltshireChildSexualExploitationDisruptionToolkitSept17 (DOC)

Size: 403.5 KB

SwindonLSCBBoardMinutes120618Final (PDF)

Size: 396.08 KB

SwindonLSCBBoardMinutesMarch2018 (PDF)

Size: 372.59 KB

SexuallyHarmfulBehaviour (PDF)

Size: 329.61 KB

SwindonLSCBBoardMinutesDecember2017 (PDF)

Size: 460.8 KB

ShirleyMaginleyKeynote (PPTX)

Size: 14.95 MB

SwindonLSCBSCRSFinal (PDF)

Size: 415.22 KB

SwindonLSCBSeriousCaseReviewProcessNovember2013 (PDF)

Size: 99.8 KB

SwindonLSCBSCRDFinal (PDF)

Size: 417.07 KB

ThematicReviewtakenfromNSPCCSeriousCaseReviewRepository (DOC)

Size: 37.5 KB

SwindonLSCBSCRSandSCRDStatementFinal (PDF)

Size: 529.98 KB

TheRightHelpattheRightTimeJanuary2018 (PDF)

Size: 1.13 MB

TheRightHelpattheRightTimeFebruary2018QuickStartGuide (PDF)

Size: 603.86 KB

ThresholdsCourses (PDF)

Size: 217.64 KB

Unborn Baby Protocol (October 2017) (PDF)

Size: 457.57 KB

Whattodoifyoureworriedachildisbeingabused2015 (PDF)

Size: 320.33 KB

TheRightHelpattheRightTimeFebruary2018 (PDF)

Size: 1.13 MB

WhichLevelisRightforMeLevel3ChildProtectionTraining (PDF)

Size: 295.01 KB

WhichLevelisRightforMeLevel4ChildProtectionTraining (PDF)

Size: 294.85 KB

Swindon Early Help Strategy (2017-2022) (PDF)

Size: 938.88 KB

TheRightHelpattheRightTimeQuickStartGuideJan2018 (PDF)

Size: 604.06 KB

WiltsPoliceIntelsubmissionFormExamplev1.3Jan2017 (DOC)

Size: 395 KB

WiltsPoliceIntelSubmissionGuidanceNotes (DOC)

Size: 372 KB

WorkingwithCSESkillsandPracticeLSCB (PDF)

Size: 93.92 KB

WorkingwithParentsandCSELSCB (PDF)

Size: 93.66 KB

WiltsPoliceIntelsubmissionFormv13Jan2017) (DOC)

Size: 393 KB

WhichLevelisRightforMeLevel2ChildProtectionTraining (PDF)

Size: 294.97 KB

WorkingwithResistantFamilies (PDF)

Size: 338.12 KB

WorkingTogethertoSafeguardChildren2018 (PDF)

Size: 1.77 MB

WhichLevelisRightforMeLevel1ChildProtectionTraining (PDF)

Size: 314.53 KB

LSCB Minutes 11.12.18 (PDF)

Size: 463.5 KB

Case Conference Report for General Practitioners (January 2019) (DOCX)

Size: 99.36 KB

Early Help Record of Assessment (Jan 2019) (DOCX)

Size: 36.95 KB

Spotting The Signs Guidance (January 2019) (PDF)

Size: 472.66 KB

Spotting The Signs Tool (January 2019) (PDF)

Size: 367.79 KB

Child Exploitation Strategy 2018 - 2020 (PDF)

Size: 983.97 KB

FGM strategy (DOC)

Size: 59.5 KB

CTAC Advice - Preventing Trafficked Children from going Missing (PDF)

Size: 263.1 KB

CEMC%20-%20Modern%20Slavery%20Duty%20to%20Notify%20(April%202017) (PDF)

Size: 90.46 KB

CEMC%20-%20Modern%20Slavery%20Briefing%202017 (PDF)

Size: 122.76 KB

CEMC%20-%20Modern%20Slavery%20Poster%20(April%202017) (PDF)

Size: 212.31 KB

Unborn Baby Protocol (PDF)

Size: 457.57 KB

CWD Booking Form (DOC)

Size: 50 KB

Beehive Club Liden (DOCX)

Size: 719.42 KB

Emmanuel Church (DOC)

Size: 183.5 KB

Haydon Wick Parish Council (DOC)

Size: 92.5 KB

Oaktree Annexe (DOC)

Size: 94.5 KB

Lyndhurst Centre (DOC)

Size: 263.5 KB

Pilgrim Centre (DOC)

Size: 43 KB


Size: 441.94 KB

Children Missing from Home and Care (PDF)

Size: 517.39 KB

Safeguarding Discharge Planning protocol (PDF)

Size: 219.72 KB

Town Centre Map (JPG)

Size: 108.93 KB

Pinetrees Map (PNG)

Size: 19.75 KB

Young Persons guide to working together to safeguarding children (PDF)

Size: 2.27 MB

Spot the signs (PDF)

Size: 401.34 KB

EH - Part B - EHR BLANK (Feb 2019) (DOCX)

Size: 36.49 KB

EH - Part A Consent BLANK (Feb 2019) (PDF)

Size: 110.84 KB

EH - Part D - BLANK (Feb 2019) (DOCX)

Size: 38.82 KB

EH - Part C - example (Feb 2019) (DOCX)

Size: 45.55 KB

EH - Part C - BLANK (Feb 2019) (DOCX)

Size: 39.05 KB

EH - Part D - example (Feb 2019) (DOCX)

Size: 40.59 KB

EH - Part B - example (Feb 2019) (DOCX)

Size: 48.46 KB

Guidance - Health Professionals attendance and contribution to Child Protection Strategy Discussions (January 2019) (PDF)

Size: 511.59 KB

RF1 Template updated March 2019 (DOCX)

Size: 84.95 KB

Guidance for Safer Working Practices 2015 (Safer Recruitment Consortium) (PDF)

Size: 551.39 KB

Case Conference Report for General Practitioners (March 2019) (DOCX)

Size: 99.41 KB

Allegation Management Referral Form - April 2019 (DOCX)

Size: 81.67 KB

Allegation Management Flowchart - April 2019 (PDF)

Size: 153.53 KB

Allegation Management Leaflet - April 2019 (PDF)

Size: 289.63 KB

Health Protocol for Attendance at Child Protection Strategy Discussions (Final) May 2019 (DOCX)

Size: 98.75 KB

LSCB Annual Report 2017-18 (PDF)

Size: 1.39 MB

Minutes 19.03.19 (Final) (PDF)

Size: 477.28 KB

Swindon Safeguarding Partnership - Multi-agency Safeguarding Arrangements (May 2019) (PDF)

Size: 496.04 KB

Swindon Safeguarding Partnership - Safeguarding Arrangements Compliance Checklist (May 2019) (PDF)

Size: 381.61 KB

Swindon Safeguarding Partnership - MOU (Final & Signed - April 2019) (PDF)

Size: 364.15 KB

Escalation Policy (DOCX)

Size: 44.18 KB

SSP statement for SCR U (PDF)

Size: 171.45 KB

Swindon LSCB - SCR U (Final Report) 17.07.19 (PDF)

Size: 531.27 KB

SCR U Action Plan (June 2019) Updated 29.07.09 (PDF)

Size: 301.57 KB

National FGM Centre guidance - FGM Schools Guidance 2019 (PDF)

Size: 3.08 MB

Training Material

Child Criminal Exploitation (PDF)

Size: 344.25 KB

CSE and Young People with Learning Disabilities - LSCB (PDF)

Size: 80.37 KB

Conference and Core Groups (PDF)

Size: 331.09 KB

CSE Not Just for Girls - Looking at Boys and LGBT and Young People -LSCB (PDF)

Size: 229.98 KB

CSE Workshop What is consent (PDF)

Size: 252.5 KB

Child Sexual Exploitation (PDF)

Size: 352.83 KB

Domestic Abuse (PDF)

Size: 338.9 KB

Early Help – Action Plans and Working on Outcomes (PDF)

Size: 303.38 KB

Early Help Record and Plan (PDF)

Size: 310.36 KB

Child Criminal Exploitation (PDF)

Size: 344.25 KB

Early Help – Role of the Lead Professional and Chair (PDF)

Size: 319.5 KB

Early Help Record and Plan for Childminders (PDF)

Size: 307.93 KB

Emotional Abuse (Recognising and Responding to) (PDF)

Size: 333.56 KB

HBV FM FGM training Feb 2018 (4) (PDF)

Size: 129.5 KB

Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery (PDF)

Size: 337.31 KB


Size: 92.09 KB

Level 1 Child Protection (PDF)

Size: 346.12 KB

Keeping Safe Online and Cyber Exploitation (PDF)

Size: 347.61 KB

Escalating Concerns (PDF)

Size: 335.33 KB

Level 2+ Child Protection for Childminders (PDF)

Size: 332.56 KB

Learning from Serious Case Review (PDF)

Size: 344.09 KB

Level 2 Child Protection (PDF)

Size: 354.41 KB

Missing Children (PDF)

Size: 340.99 KB

Level 3 Child Protection (PDF)

Size: 341.43 KB

Neglect (Working with) (PDF)

Size: 337.94 KB

Parental Substance Misuse (PDF)

Size: 330.34 KB

LSCB Annual Conference (PDF)

Size: 213.45 KB

Safeguarding Disabled Children (PDF)

Size: 339.07 KB

Parental Mental Health (PDF)

Size: 345.5 KB

Level 2+ Child Protection Refresher for Childminders (PDF)

Size: 336.84 KB

Safeguarding Supervision and Management Oversight (PDF)

Size: 336.4 KB

Safer Recruitment Update (PDF)

Size: 341.22 KB

Safer Recruitment (PDF)

Size: 328.93 KB

Sexually Harmful Behaviour (PDF)

Size: 329.61 KB

Thresholds Courses (PDF)

Size: 217.64 KB

Sexual Abuse (Recognising and Responding to) (PDF)

Size: 328.8 KB

Working with CSE - Skills and Practice - LSCB (PDF)

Size: 93.92 KB

Working with Resistant Families (PDF)

Size: 338.12 KB

Working with Parents and CSE - LSCB (PDF)

Size: 93.66 KB

Radicalisation (PDF)

Size: 344.72 KB

Managing Allegations (PDF)

Size: 343.33 KB

LSCB Thresholds Courses (12.04.19) (PDF)

Size: 235.88 KB

Safeguarding Adults

Swindon_SAB_Strategic_Plan_2018_21 (PDF)

Size: 212.03 KB

LSAB__annual_report_14_15 (PDF)

Size: 1.31 MB

Social_Care_Institue_Excellence_Review___Honor (PDF)

Size: 489.51 KB

Swindon_SAB_Risk_Register_201821 (PDF)

Size: 203.12 KB

SAR_Statement (PDF)

Size: 252.3 KB

LSAB_annual_report_2016_2017 (PDF)

Size: 1.57 MB

LSAB__Annual_report_15_16 (PDF)

Size: 1.65 MB

Annual Report 2017-2018 (PDF)

Size: 1.08 MB

LSAB Business Plan 2018-21 (updated Jul 19) (PDF)

Size: 469.43 KB