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Case Review Learning Leaflets

Whenever the LSCB carries out a case review one of its main aims is to identify learning and share it with agencies and practitioners to support the development of services and practice.

These leaflets summarise the learning from serious and local case reviews and all contain links to further information and training opportunities.


In late 2016 Swindon LSCB published two SCRs following the deaths of two babies as a result of co-sleeping. The cases are not connected and occurred 6 months apart. 

Both SCRs confirmed that all professionals had provided clear safe sleeping advice to the families. However, both families were within the child protection system and it was felt that there would be learning for organisations.

Learning Leaflet - SCR S & SCR D​

​​LCR N​​

Child N had a learning disability and experienced long term neglect and sexual abuse. These two leaning leaflets are designed to raise awareness of issues relating to sexual abuse and disabled children.​

Learning Leaflet - LCR N (Disabled Children)

Learning Leaflet - LCR N (Sexual Abuse)


Child A (aged 16) alleged that she was raped while staying at a crash pad in another local authority area. At the time, she was subject to a child protection plan initiated by Swindon Children’s Services, although she had moved out of the Swindon area to be with her family.

Learning Leaflet - LCR A


Severe malnourishment and dehydration in children can be a potentially life-threatening condition.

The presence of other factors such as premature birth, on-going​ health problems and developmental delay can mean that it is more difficult to determine whether neglect is the cause of a child’s deteriorating health. 

This learning leaflet sets out some of the learning for agencies and practitioners that has been identified through recent case reviews. 

Please note that due to the need to conclude parallel proceedings this report has not yet been published.