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Please note that following the formation of the Swindon Safeguarding Partnership on 28th July 2019 the LSCB no longer exists. This page will be updated to reflect the new partnership shortly.

Swindon Local Policies, Protocols & Guidance

Child protection and safeguarding procedures provide standards for agencies and a framework to promote children's welfare and protect them from abuse and neglect.   Swindon LSCB is signed up to the South West Child Protection Procedures (SWCPP).  For more information about the SWCPP and access to the procedures please go to the SWCPP page.

Swindon LSCB has developed local multi agency procedures and guidance to address specific issues in Swindon, these procedures can be found below.
Swindon Children and Families Service have developed a Swindon Procedures Manual which is a collation of all procedures relating to internal (Swindon Borough Council) staff.  To access these procedures please see the Swindon Procedures Manual page.

Please note some of these documents are currently being revised or an update is planned. Revised versions will appear here as soon as they become available. In the meantime, if you have any queries regarding these documents please contact the LSCB Team at

​Policy ​Date published/Updated
Allegation Management Guidance ​ ​October 2018

​Bruising in Non-mobile Infants

​March 2016

Child Death Process - Swindon & Wiltshire​

​Under revision

Child Sexual Exploitation: Practitioners Handbook

​Spring 2017

​Children Missing Education (SBC EWS)

​July 2017

Children Missing from Home and Care (Swindon & Wiltshire)

​September 2017

​Disabled Children: Additional Child Protection Procedures

​September 2015

Disabled Children & Young People: Intimate Care Guidance

​March 2014

​Early Help Strategy 2017-2022

​July 2018

Escalation Policy

Sept  2019

​Example Child Protection Policy (Community Organisations)​

​June 2016

​FGM Multi-agency Guidance

​November 2017

​Forced Marriage: Practice Guidance

​September 2015

Health Professionals Attendance/Contribution to Child Protection Strategy Discussions May 2019

​Neglect Framework

​September 2016

Professionals Meetings Guidance

​Quorate child protection conferences

Safeguarding Discharge Planning Protocol​

​Mar 2017

​Safer Working Practices in Education Settings


​See The Adult, See The Child​ Practice Guidelines.​​

​Updated Jan 2018

Social Media Policy

​Sept 2015​

Supervision Principles

​Swindon Multi Agency Thresholds Document 

The Right Help at the Right Time

The Right Help at the Right Time (Quick Start)​

​Jan 2018

Unborn Baby Protocol​

​Aug 2017

National Policies and Guidance